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EA Portfolio Manager Features

Features of the Sparx EA Version Control Extension – EA Portfolio Manager

The light touch approach to multiple project version control, identifying dependencies and revealing the impact of changes in real-time.

Easy to Use

Real-time Impact Analysis

Identify impacts due to other projects at every point in your modelling

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Why and what to branch

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Element states

Managing changes through the modelling lifecycle

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Element Roadmap

Planned and proposed changes for a single element in the model baseline

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Retiring old modelling

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Understanding Projects

Types of Dependency

Collaborate with other projects instead of competing with them

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Managing Portfolios

Working with portfolio level information

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Project Lifecycle

Mapping the lifecycle of your modelling onto Project milestones

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Managing Models

Baseline map

The model manager's big picture view

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Model Time Machine

Scroll through time to discover future model states

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Easy to Set up

Getting started

Your journey to manage the future

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Creating Portfolios

Defining groups of projects

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Creating Projects

A dedicated space for project work

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Model locking

Use EA package locking to control project access

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The model quality management tool used by...


Providing a new way to work together in Enterprise Architect

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Model Managers

Understanding the modelling landscape and roadmap of changes

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Project Managers

Why EA Portfolio Manager is a game changer for Project Managers

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Portfolio Managers

Providing integrated intelligence for program reviews

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Pricing and features

Find out what’s included…

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