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Project Lifecycle

Mapping the lifecycle of your modelling onto Project milestones

Agile or Traditional?

Each organisation will have their own project governance process, with a set of phases and milestones. Some will use agile methodologies, some traditional/waterfall, and some a hybrid.

Portfolio Manager doesn’t assume a single approach or set of stages in a project lifecycle. Instead it applies a lifecycle on individual elements only. This means that you choose how and when to map the different states onto your project lifecycle in the way that best suits the controls and working style of your organisation.

How does this work with Project governance? However you want it to. You choose how to map EA model and element versions and governance processess onto your Project lifecycle.

A Simplified Lifecycle

Most projects in most organisations will go through a series of phases. You may have more, or fewer. For example:

Initiation, Feasibility (which can include trade-offs between different possible solutions), High level design, Detailed design, Build and test, Deploy or launch, Evaluation

Between these phases there will be milestones, such as Kick-Off, Preliminary and Critical design reviews, Test & Validation reviews, Sprint planning meetings and Sprint reviews

And in addition there may be higher level program or portfolio reviews.

Integrating Project and Model Governance processes

We have chosen a ‘light touch’ approach, so you can integrate Portfolio Manager easily into your project and development governance processes. So for example:

  • Branched and proposed changes could be promoted to ‘planned’ only when you reach the milestone when project funding is in place, there is a good chance that the changes will be implemented, and a project go-live date has been identified.
  • You may want to link a project milestone to moving those planned changes into the staging area – and change the locking on the staging area so that only model managers can access it.
  • And the move to implemented (confirming these changes are now part of the baseline) may happen at go-live/launch, or later.

See what's happening in the model at all times

Portfolio Manager lets you check the impact of promoting or implementing changes at any time, providing everyone with visibility of project dependencies at every stage. So you can confirm there are no critical dependencies* before each milestone, avoiding delays.

(* such as planning to use something that another project is planning to retire)

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