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Managing Portfolios

Working with portfolio level information

Building from element to Portfolio level

The features included in Portfolio Manager started off as element level only – giving modellers the opportunity to see who else was working on the same parts of the model and alerting everyone to the possibility of overlapping effort or incompatible changes. But using this information we can create visualisations that provide real value at portfolio or program level too.

Portfolio Level Dependencies

When a group of projects are combined into a portfolio, it’s easy to show all the co- and direct dependencies between those projects in the portfolio level dependencies diagram.

This means that the program or portfolio manager can see where additional coordination is required, and can alert key stakeholders to risks or assumptions that are built into their projects.

Portfolio Details

The Portfolio details map shows a single page view of the changes being made in the model by all of the projects in the portfolio. The changes are colour coded for new, proposed, planned, proposed to retire and planned to retire, with the size of each box based on the number of elements in each state.

Drill down to see the detail of elements in each state.

This provides a great way to navigate to any element details in a project, based on their status.

Project details map

The single page view of changes being made – new, branched, planned, proposed to retire and planned to retire – can also be generated at project level – giving drill down to even greater levels of detail.

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